The Fate Mill D20 by Towerhosue Creative

The Fate Mill D20 -Sold Out-

All of the dice here are sold out. Sorry if you missed them. That said, we now have the MISPRINTS for sale on Etsy. Link below. Thanks to everyone who picked one up, you are truly awesome. You can still download the instructions and charts. Sign up for our newsletter or contact us directly if you’re interested in being contacted about the next run of The Fate Mill D20.

MISPRINT Fate Mill D20s for sale

We’ve listed the MISPRINTS on our Etsy store for half-price.

The Fate Mill D20 by Towerhosue Creative


The Fate Mill D20 was designed to handle yes-no questions, and add a flavor of random spontaneity to your adventure, all while being a useful D20.

While designing The Fate Mill D20, I had a few goals. First, as a solo role-player, I wanted to make sure that I wasn’t giving my character or characters advantages that they wouldn’t have in group play. Next, the adventure needed to be able to go in ways that would surprise, even, me. Finally, if I felt myself getting stuck, I wanted a way to continue the scene.

As an added bonus, I found The Fate Mill D20 translated well to group play for players or GMs. Also, I’ve used it to kickstart my imagination for scenes while writing as well. In the end, I hope you find The Fate Mill D20 as much of a creative inspiration booster as I have.

ROLL! Your adventure awaits.


Stay up-to-date with our latest finds. We’ll let you know if about the next run of The Fate Mill D20.


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